my bookmarks


- clipnote free and simple animation tool
- annafirth-tutorials animation tutorials
- dafont free font downloads
- glittertextonline glitter text generator
- ezgif online gif maker and editor
- 3dtextmaker 3d spinning text generator
- homestuck text colors hex codes for homestuck characters' text
- cssgenerator generate css codes
- tiled background archive
- simpleimageresizer free image resizer
- adobe color color palette maker
- color-blend blend colors
- MLP My Little Pony full show
- flashpoint flash game/animation archive
- pokencyclopedia pokemon encyclopedia and resources
- gradient-generator
- jspaint clone of MS Paint for your browser


These are pages that Are interesting to me in some way.
- petz creations and tutorials
- oocities geocities archive
- aesthetics archive ??
- nana825763 WARNING: disturbing content, youtube playlist
- vidlii 2008 youtube clone
- deep-sea
- old computers museum
- a huge list of projects the webmaster has done

wiki articles

- Elephant's foot
- Penicillium
- Atavism
- Echidna