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John is dating John Egbert
from Homestuck!

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Hiii! My name is John or Moth :3 Some basic stuff about me is I'm a boy and I'm 15. I might make an about me page but I'm not sure... My current favorite things ever are Homestuck!!! (I love it so much) and Serial Experiments Lain!! I also like Invader Zim and Evangelion (but not to the extent that I interact with the fandom).
Most of my pages are updated pretty often (like my art, graphics, and my collections) and if I no longer find them useful or enjoyable, I put them in the graveyard; if they get really old and take up space, I delete them.

I have been coding since 2019! I first got into it because of the Komaeda Love Mail neocities archive. I've had a few sites in the past but they are abandoned now.
If you visit my archive page, you can see either working html pages or screen captures of my past sites and pages; these are not all the versions of my site I have ever had but they're the ones I was able to find and save.

Update Log

11/21/2023: Made a page listing my bookmarks ANDD moved the dress-up game link to "small projects".
11/20/2023: BIG NEWS. I made my first interactive dress up game!!!!! it took me forever but i did it :3
11/17/2023: Made a favorites characters page! Find it in shrines :3 ANNNNDDDD I made a PHOTO BOOK page of pictures I've taken!!!!!!! I'm very productive today...
11/15/2023: I made a page listing my smaller projects to free up space on the menu :D ALSO I am working on the museum some more! Currently doing the photography part.
11/14/2023: I made the beanie babies page!! Yay!
11/13/2023: I removed the guestbook
11/10/2023: I might make a sitemap
11/9/2023: I made a guestbook. It's at the bottom on this page :3
11/8/2023: I made a vocaloid shrine which is just my favorite songs haha, im working on a len shrine right now
11/7/2023: I FINALLY made the page graveyard :>
11/7/2023: I changed the shrines index page :3 I also made the updates section into an iframe yayy

This website was born in September 2023